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Norman, Oklahoma Treatment Programs

Addiction Issues in Oklahoma

Norman, Oklahoma is another great place to seek out substance abuse treatment programs. This area was settled in 1889. It is currently the third-largest city in Oklahoma with a population of 124,808 people. Just as with any other city it has its struggles with substance abuse issues. States as a whole are struggling to fight the substance abuse crisis in the United States. States are dealing with addiction issues ranging from drugs to alcohol. There is also an increase in addiction issues related to prescription pain medicine. Addiction can bring a multitude of unfortunate problems to a state. Addiction affects the economy, crime, and the stability of families. It is an issue that affects all areas of one’s life. 

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Substance Abuse In OK

In 2009 Oklahoma ranked number one in the nation for use of painkillers for non-medical issues. There is clearly a lot of prescription pills addiction going on. Of all the felonies committed in the state 6 out of 10 were related to drug and/or alcohol issues. That’s more than half the felonies committed in the state. Clearly, this is a big issue that is affecting the crime rate.

There is a huge gap when it comes to receiving treatment for substance abuse issues. Addicts aren’t getting the treatment they need to recover. Oklahoma is number eight when it comes to states that are in need of receiving treatment for illicit drug use and have not received it. This is a big issue. Without proper treatment, it is nearly impossible to get better. According to a federal survey, an estimated 81,403 Oklahomans aged 12 and older are in need of treatment for illicit drug use. That is a staggering amount of Oklahomans who are without proper treatment. It is important that options for substance abuse are available in all cities in Oklahoma.

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Treatment Options

When it comes to treatment options take care to look for the options offered in the Norman, Oklahoma area. When looking for an addiction program there are many different options that are available. What works best for an individual depends on their needs and history with substance abuse. In Norman, Oklahoma there are no hospital inpatient or outpatient facilities in the area. The closest place that offers both of these services in Oklahoma City. However, there is one facility that offers intensive outpatient treatment in the Norman, Oklahoma area. There are residential treatment services offered in Norman as well. There is both long and short-term treatment available at two different facilities. For those struggling with opioid addiction, there are services available in Oklahoma City

Have financial concerns?

It is important to know the options when it comes to Medicare, Medicaid, and payment assistance. Medicare is not accepted locally in Norman. However, Medicaid is accepted. There is one facility in the area that offers assistance with payment as well as a sliding scale fee for individuals who need it. For those struggling with domestic violence and/or sexual abuse, it is best to go to Oklahoma City as there is no treatment locally. 

Benefits of Out of Town Treatment Programs

Treatment that is available locally can sometimes be limited. In Norman, Oklahoma, for instance, there are only a handful of treatment programs available. Often, patients end up having to travel to a larger city in order to have more treatment options. There is a lot to consider when seeking treatment. A larger city allows patients to have the best options available. It is important that patients are aware of all their options before they choose a treatment center. Not every center will be a perfect fit. Instead, it is best to know what you are looking for before looking into treatment centers. The right treatment fit can put a patient on the path towards recovery. The wrong treatment center fit will only delay things further.

Outpatient or Inpatient Care

When it comes to treatment, patients can seek outpatient or inpatient care. Outpatient care is perfect for those that would prefer to not stay at the facility during treatment. Instead, they would prefer to commute to the facility a couple of days out of the week. It may also best for those that have a more mild addiction issue. Inpatient care is the best option when doing treatment away from home. This gives patients a chance to create a new home environment at the treatment facility. Patients get to have the support of their treatment team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the program. This creates an environment that patients feel safe and supported in. Without proper care and support, it can be a real challenge to complete treatment.

Seeking Treatment Programs

One of the main reasons it is beneficial to seek treatment away from home is that it gives patients a fresh new start. It is harder to break habits in the same environment they were created in. By having a fresh new start patients are able to adopt new habits and build a new future. This also gives them a chance to be away from factors that may support substance abuse. This can include friends, family, and/or their environment. By being in a whole new setting it is easier for patients to stick to staying clean and not be tempted to go back to their old ways. Another benefit of seeking treatment further away is that it is harder to leave inpatient treatment programs. When patients are already far from home it is unlikely that they will try to leave the treatment center early. 

A Program For Everyone

Finding a treatment center that is perfect is a process. It is vital to understand the treatments that are offered at a center. Every patient should be treated as an individual and assessed. A professional should go through the patient’s substance abuse history. They should also be aware of any other issues the patient is dealing with. Only then can each patient get the help they truly need. If you will do better with treatment away from home then start looking at centers. It is never too early to get on the path towards recovery. Reach out to us today at 918-779-0011. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have about treatment.

Benefits of Local Treatment Programs

While it may be beneficial to find a program out of your area, there are also a lot of reasons to seek treatment locally. For many patients going into rehab can be extremely scary. Especially for those who are seeking residential treatment and will be living at the facility. Giving up your day to day life and routine can make you feel out of control. No longer being able to use substances can often bring up a lot of emotions. It is important that patients feel as comfortable in treatment as possible.

One of the benefits of getting treatment locally is being near friends and family. If a patient has a good support system it is often more beneficial to remain close to home. That way loved ones are nearby to provide support through recovery. Having a good support system is key to long-lasting recovery. Another benefit of getting treatment locally is that there is increased time spent in outpatient treatment. Patients are also more likely to complete outpatient treatment as well. Outpatient treatment is a lot easier to undergo when you are coming from your own home. It is also easier for a patient to incorporate treatment into their day to day life. Aftercare is a big part of treatment. Those that seek treatment locally have a higher probability of taking part in aftercare services. Aftercare gives patients the support they need once treatment has ended.