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Stillwater, Oklahoma Treatment Program

Addiction in Stillwater

Just as in other parts of the state, Stillwater is an area that struggles with its own substance abuse issues. Stillwater is a city with 45,688 people. It is the tenth-largest city in Oklahoma. There Stillwater offers a successful drug and alcohol treatment program. According to the sergeant of the Stillwater Police Department, marijuana is the most prevalent illegal drug in the area. From 2011 to 2016 the number of drug-related arrests in the area more than doubled. There was a 45% increase in marijuana-related deaths. Since marijuana is legal in other states it has become a lot easier for people in Oklahoma to get it. This is especially true in Stillwater. Most of the weed comes from states such as Colorado and California where weed is legal. The legalization of weed has caused the drug to be much more prevalent. It is easier for people to get access to weed from states where the drug is legal.

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How To Deal With Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is the number one public health issue in Oklahoma. It costs Oklahoma nearly seven billion annually to deal with substance abuse issues. This is a staggering number. Nationwide it costs the U.S. $414 billion to handle issues related to substance abuse. That is a lot of money on one issue. However, the substance abuse issue in the U.S. has become a huge issue. In Oklahoma alone, about 5% of the population is in need of treatment for alcohol addiction. About 21,000 people or 1% of the population needs treatment for drug adduction. There are plenty of people who are suffering from addiction issues in the Oklahoma area that are in need of treatment. It is important that the state has the proper resources available to treat these issues. A preventative measure is a key to keeping individuals free of addictions. It is also important that individuals are aware of the early signs of addiction and can recognize it in family members and friends.

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Treatment Available in Stillwater

If you’re looking for services in Stillwater, OK there’s a few options for treatment programs. However, Stillwater doesn’t offer a lot of treatment programs. It is best to get treatment elsewhere if you or a loved one needs more options. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse issues it is important to get the help needed. 

Oklahoma City Center Option

In the Stillwater, Oklahoma area there are no hospital inpatient services available, however, there are some in Oklahoma City. There are also no centers offering outpatient detoxification services. Although there are several centers that offer standard outpatient treatments. If you’re looking for a residential center it is best to look in Oklahoma City as there are none in Stillwater. Struggling with opioid addiction? There are treatment programs for Buprenorphine and Naltrexone available in Stillwater. 

Concerned about finances and affording treatment?

Medicare is accepted at one center in Stillwater. Several of the centers in the area accept Medicaid. If you or loved one needs assistance with payment there is one center that offers this in the area. There is also one center that offers services on a sliding fee scale. For those who need services specialized for the LGBTQ+ community that is available locally. There are also services for those who have been victims of sexual or domestic violence.

Treatment Available Away From Home

In the Stillwater, Oklahoma area there are only a handful of services available. When choosing where to go for treatment it is important that a place offers the type of treatment you need. Recovery can only be as good as the treatment one receives. Stillwater has outpatient and opioid treatment program available in the area. However, if you or a loved one is interested in other services, it is best to go to Oklahoma City or another state. It can be very beneficial to go to a place that offers a variety of treatments. 

Beneficial Distance Treatments

There are many benefits to seeking treatment away from where one lives. Often times a patient developed the addiction habit where they currently live. This means that a lot of their day to day habits are associated with their substance abuse. It can be difficult to break a habit in the same place it was formed. Furthermore, if one is seeking residential treatment it may be beneficial to get treatment away from home so that the patient feels more of a need to complete treatment. It can be tempting to leave treatment when home is so nearby. It is easy to quit and return to their old ways that same day. Keeping a distance from home allows the past and the addiction struggles to seem more distant. The patient is able to start over again and build a better future. Following treatment they are able to use the tools they have gained to deal with their addiction when they return home. 

Choosing A Program

When choosing a program it is important that it meets the needs of the patient. Do they want to seek treatment while staying at a center full-time? Would they prefer to commute to treatment while staying in a local hotel? Are they in need of a detoxification period? All of these questions are important to consider before deciding on a place to get treatment. If your local area doesn’t have a lot of options available do not hesitate to look elsewhere. The more options available, the more likely it is to find a center that is a perfect fit for you or a loved one.

About Inpatient Care Program

Inpatient care works best for patients who have been struggling with severe addiction issues. They may have tried a treatment program in Stillwater before and it didn’t work out. Or maybe their addiction has gotten so bad that they are having trouble keeping jobs or commitments. Addiction can affect all areas of one’s life. In this case, it is best for a patient to live at the center and receive 24/7 care and support. This allows a patient to solely focus on getting clean. There is plenty of support and the chance at long-term recovery is a lot higher. Medical professionals and therapists are available to support the patient throughout the treatment process. 

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Benefits of Treatment Near Home

Looking to get treatment in Stillwater? That’s a great option if there is a center that is perfect for your addiction issues. Going to a treatment center near where you live is a great option for many individuals. There are a lot of benefits to this. Having a support group nearby can make the treatment process a lot easier. Recovery can be a difficult process for many recovering addicts. There are a lot of withdrawal symptoms and temptations. Having the support of family and friends can be a big help when it comes to being able to complete a treatment program. 

For those that choose an outpatient treatment program in Stillwater, being near home is very beneficial. Patients are able to go about their day to day life and come to treatment in the day for a few hours. This type of treatment is usually around three times a week. Being able to remain in their home and around family and friends is helpful to many in recovery. However, if an individual is in a negative environment it may be more beneficial to instead get inpatient care. Patients are also more likely to participate in aftercare programs when they get treatment locally. Call us at 918-779-0011 for more information!