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Owasso, Oklahoma Treatment Program

Drug and Alcohol Use in Owasso

There is an Owasso treatment program for those who are struggling with substance abuse. Owasso has a population of 28,915. It is a small city in the Rogers and Tulsa counties of Oklahoma. With a small population, it can be easy for substance abuse issues to negatively impact Owasso. Substance abuse issues can lead to economic issues, increased crime, and families being torn apart. There are a variety of ways that it can negatively impact a city. As a whole, this is an issue that needs to be addressed nationwide and on a local level in every city.

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The Issue

The substance abuse issue is largely affecting Oklahoma. Prescription drug overdoses kill nearly two Oklahomans a day. This is an issue that is affecting small towns and big cities across the U.S. According to the Oklahoma Health Department prescription drugs are now the leading cause of death in Oklahoma for people aged 25 to 64. Overall Oklahoma ranks 8th nationally when it comes to prescription drug addiction. Oklahoma also ranks fifth in the country when it comes to drug overdose mortality. Of the drug-related deaths, most of them involved more than one drug substance. Alcohol alone didn’t cause any deaths, however, it did contribute to deaths that involved other substances. 

It is important that individuals struggling with addiction issues know that there is help available. It is also beneficial if that help is available in their local area. Going further away for treatment isn’t an option for some people. Every city should be equipped to offer care and support to fight addiction issues. There should also be educated on these issues. If someone doesn’t know they have an issue, they may never seek help. Addictions such as opioid addiction can happen over time and people may believe that they don’t have an issue.

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Owasso Treatment Program

When you are seeking out treatment knowing what is available in your area is vital. In the Owasso, OK region there’s actually no treatment centers available. Those that are struggling with substance addiction issues must seek treatment elsewhere. The nearest place to go for treatment is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa is near Owasso. In Tulsa, there are treatment options for outpatient and inpatient treatment care. There are also a variety of treatment options when it comes to the length of stay for treatment, including 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day treatment plans.

Location Decisions

Although there are currently no facilities for treatment there should be. Having substance abuse treatment options available nearby is key to getting many people into rehab. Some people can’t afford to go to another city or state for treatment. Individuals may have family or work obligations. Or they may not be able to financially afford traveling a little to seek treatment. Either way, the federal government, as well as states, should be working hard to make sure that treatment is available in all areas across the United States. Always check your local area to see what treatment options are available before looking into options in other cities and states.

Benefits of Getting Treatment at a Distance

Unfortunately, there is no substance abuse Owasso treatment program. Therefore one must go out of town in order to seek treatment. The nearest treatment available is in Tulsa, Ok. Either way, if you live in the Owasso area you will need to seek treatment elsewhere. If finances are a struggle make sure to look into assistance programs. Having to go further away for treatment should never be the reason you or a loved one don’t get the help needed. Recovery should be available to everyone who suffers from addiction issues. 

Distancing From Influence

There are many things to consider when it comes to seeking treatment away from home. It is important for a patient to be prepared for being away from home. Treatment can be difficult as it is so it is important that one feels comfortable when it comes to seeking treatment out of town. For those that may need more support from family and friends, it is best to not get treatment far away. Having a good support system is key to recovery. However, if the individual’s current environment is negative, leaving their home to go to treatment can be a good thing. Not everyone has a great support system at home. For some people, their environment could be the reason they are in a cycle of addiction. Being around negative influences when one is trying to recover and become clean is very challenging. In this case, going away for treatment is almost necessary.  

A Fresh Start

Another benefit of getting treatment out of town is that it gives patients a fresh new start. It can sometimes be difficult to start over in the area one grew up in or has lived in for a long time. There are many factors related to this. In your own area, you are used to your routine, your environment, and the people in it. It can be difficult to make changes. The habit of addiction may be wrapped into these day to day activities. By getting treatment elsewhere it can be easier to get out of the habit of addiction. In treatment, patients can pick up new routines. They’ll learn how to restructure their lives in a way that doesn’t involve substance abuse. In treatment, they will also learn what the root cause behind their addiction is. This makes going back to their usual environment a lot easier. Individuals are able to better handle situations where they may be tempted to use substances.

Pace Yourself For Completion

Seeking treatment further away can also benefit patients who may be tempted to leave the treatment program. Treatment can be a very hard process to go through. It isn’t easy. For many this cause them to want to leave without completing the program. When patients are further from home they are more likely to follow through and complete the program. However, when they are closer to home it can be tempting to want to leave and immediately return to their old life.

Local Treatment

Those living in an area outside of Owasso, OK, may want to consider getting treatment locally. Although there is no Owasso treatment program, if you live somewhere else in Oklahoma, there may be a center near you. Getting treatment locally has many benefits. As a patient, it can be easier to feel comfortable when you are close to home. Those patients that choose to seek treatment locally are more likely to complete outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment is perfect for those that have other obligations such as work or children. Patients can go to treatment during the day and then return home. Those that seek outpatient treatment must be responsible and able to handle treatment. 

A major benefit of treatment being local is that patients still have the support of family and friends. Loved ones have the opportunity to act as a great support system. Especially if someone is in outpatient treatment. It is important that they have a strong support system at home. This makes the recovery process a lot easier. Treatment is a difficult process. If you have any questions or concerns about treatment or addiction give us a call at 918-779-0011.