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You have done the hard work of addressing your addiction and attaining your sobriety. Now you are out of rehab and want to return to a sense of normalcy with your friends and family. Although you may be ready to change, your loved ones may not be ready to accept you into their lives again. […]

How to Find a Rehab

Your addiction recovery journey begins when you decide it is time to find treatment. When you take that step, you look forward to the fresh start recovery will bring. However, finding an addiction recovery program can often feel overwhelming. If you are searching for treatment for yourself or a loved one, you probably feel bombarded […]

Addiction Treatment at Home

Natural Treatment Methods from Home Self-treatment for drug addiction at home is not safe. Getting off drugs can be much more challenging than what people might think. Generally speaking, natural detoxification methods are not enough for most patients. Because it relies heavily on the patient’s ability to stay abstinent from drugs or relapse. Natural ways are […]

Drinking Denial

Despite its legality, alcohol can be every bit as addicting as other drugs. Under the right conditions, heavy drinkers (and sometimes even less-than-heavy drinkers) might become alcoholics. Since it can be easy to fall into alcohol addiction, denial is a common theme for anyone with a drinking problem. Denial can be very problematic. When you […]

3 Things You Need to Grow Well in Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is not an easy task, it requires determination and self-control. Under the best of situations, it’s really hard to make a new life for oneself – new found friends, new outlook and perspective, sometimes new living, a new career and new relationship. Enduring to progress and develop in long-term addiction recovery by taking […]