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Tag Archives: Alcohol

What Are Some Effects of Alcohol on the Heart

The risks of alcohol and the prevalence of heart disease in the general population are well documented. The effects of alcohol on the heart are dangerous. In fact, those that consume too much alcohol put themselves at risk for heart disease. This contrasts with the general social belief that regular alcohol consumption is good for […]

Media Influence on Alcohol Consumption

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become more and more ingrained in our society. Social media references to alcohol are also soaring. Between advertisements and celebrity endorsements, young adults and children are getting the idea that heavy alcohol use is okay. On the surface, there may not be a connection between addiction […]

Connection Between Gender and Addiction

  A drug doesn’t care who you are. It will act on your body however it’s meant to function. However, studies have frequently shown that differences in substance abuse between men and women play a large role in gender and addiction recovery. One gender may be more likely to abuse certain substances versus another. As […]

3 Things You Need to Grow Well in Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is not an easy task, it requires determination and self-control. Under the best of situations, it’s really hard to make a new life for oneself – new found friends, new outlook and perspective, sometimes new living, a new career and new relationship. Enduring to progress and develop in long-term addiction recovery by taking […]