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Tag Archives: Addiction

Connection Between Gender and Addiction

  A drug doesn’t care who you are. It will act on your body however it’s meant to function. However, studies have frequently shown that differences in substance abuse between men and women play a large role in gender and addiction recovery. One gender may be more likely to abuse certain substances versus another. As […]

Addiction Within The Police Force

Anyone can struggle with addiction: medical professionals, athletes, and even officers battle addictions every day. There is alcoholism in law enforcement, and there are officers who struggle with all kinds of substance abuse. Many are suffering in silence due to the job’s stress, not knowing where to get help and worry about losing their job. […]

How Addiction Affects Everyone Around it

Does addiction affect family and friends? You might believe addiction only affects the addict. But the truth is, your addiction can affect everyone surrounding you. Most directly, it affects your family, but it can also impact your friends and loved ones. You are not a burden. Start your journey on the road to recovery; give […]

Lost in Hopelessness and Addiction

Drug and alcohol abuse can significantly disturb your way of life. These substances can affect you in physical, emotional, behavioral, and social patterns. Addicts who have lost their way in addiction can sink into a spiraling feeling of hopelessness and addiction. Addiction¬†is a complex and chronic disease that changes the way your brain works. An […]

You may think you know what addiction is-¬† many individuals have different opinions about addiction and the addiction risk factors that contribute to dependency. Here are a few myths you may have heard: Getting over an addiction to drugs is a simple matter of choice. In order for treatment to work, the individual needs to […]