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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma

Are you looking to get insured in the Oklahoma area? It is important to know your options when it comes to getting insurance. The insurance plan you have can have a big impact on the amount one ends up spending on treatment so it is important to know one’s options. When it comes to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma there are a few different addiction treatment options to consider.

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Firstly, it is important to decide whether or not an HMO or a PPO plan is better suited for your needs. An HMO plan is a health maintenance organization plan. It gives patients access to doctors and hospitals that are within the network of the organization. The providers agree to lower their rates for members of the plan. Coverage is provided only with those providers that are in the network. However, with a PPO plan patients have the flexibility of seeing doctors that are outside of the network. PPO plans also do not require an in the network referral. Patients are free to go to whatever specialist they prefer. 

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Insurance Flexibility

This insurance offers Blue Preferred PPO and Blue Advantage PPO. Blue Preferred PPO has higher monthly premiums. Patients will have the option of doctors and hospitals throughout Oklahoma. There are three different levels of coverage. This includes Gold, Silver, and Bronze. All levels of insurance may offer coverage for substance abuse. However, depending on the plan that is chosen the level of coverage may differ. Copays, coinsurance, and deductibles may apply when using insurance coverage for treatment programs. The other option, Blue Advantage PPO, has lower monthly premiums than the previous coverage. There is a choice of which doctors and hospitals are an option in select areas. There are also three levels of coverage under this plan. That includes Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Just as with the previous insurance coverage, copays, coinsurance, and deductibles may apply. Call today to see if you Blue Cross or Blue Shield plan will cover your addiction recovery.

Other Coverage Options

When it comes to being able to afford treatment for substance abuse it’s vital to know your options. There are a variety of things that can help cover the cost of treatment. Most major cities accept both Medicare and Medicaid when it comes to treatment centers. For Medicare, there is no specific category that covers substance abuse treatment. However, substance abuse treatment is covered by Medicare when the treatment is reasonable and necessary. For Medicaid in Oklahoma, there is substance abuse treatment covered for adults. Those suffering from alcohol or drug dependency are covered. This includes outpatient and residential services. To look for more coverage options when it comes to substance abuse be sure to check any mental health paeges of insurance websites.

Payment Assistance

It is important when considering a specific center that you or a loved one knows if insurance will cover all or some of the costs. Make sure to talk with your specific insurance company when wondering about a specific center. Don’t place yourself in a situation where coverage is not available. A lot of facilities in Oklahoma also offer payment assistance and/or a sliding fee scale for those struggling with finances.

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