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Addiction Treatment at Home

Addiction Treatment at Home

Posted: August 18, 2020 by in Hope Recovery Addiction Center

Natural Treatment Methods from Home

Self-treatment for drug addiction at home is not safe. Getting off drugs can be much more challenging than what people might think. Generally speaking, natural detoxification methods are not enough for most patients. Because it relies heavily on the patient’s ability to stay abstinent from drugs or relapse. Natural ways are useful on smaller scales but take longer to start the change.

In most cases, patients have extreme trouble resisting the cravings from drugs alone. Quitting drugs for good is one of the hardest things a person can do. However, prescriptions can keep withdrawal symptoms to a controllable level. Likewise, medicines provide a higher likelihood of healthy rehabilitation than at-home treatment. If you need more information about getting treatment at home, then call us today at (918) 779-0011. We’re here for you and want to assist you in getting your life back.

Prescription Medicines

Medications given by a licensed practitioner are safer than buying off the street. Also, getting medicines off the roads will only worsen bodily damage. Rehab centers typically help keep patients away from temptation. Additionally, this includes anything that could produce a trigger while healing.
Medications work by tackling even the most powerful cravings. These medications will make a recovery easier than using natural methods like herbs or essential oils.


Firstly, getting off drugs requires users to avoid triggers. A trigger is anything that will tempt the patient to use drugs again. Typically, these triggers show in personal ways that are unknown to others. Memories, photographs, even smell. Due to this, removing the patient from their former situation will open their mind to new ways.

Facility-based treatment is an excellent way to remove triggers from the patient’s condition, keeping them on the path to recovery. Therefore, home-based drug treatment is not a viable option.
Knowing your triggers can help. If you suspect that you or someone you love needs treatment, or will need therapy, then call us today. We will work with you to find you the treatment that you need. Call today and start your better life tomorrow.

Medicine and Drug Rehab Treatment at Home


When patients try to self-medicate, there are several risks that they may not understand. A patient who has pre-existing conditions may not be aware of what medicines are safe to take. In addition, patients who have avoided regular doctor visits might be oblivious to an existing situation.

All patients must receive thorough examinations to determine the severity of their bodily damage. Excessive or continuous drug use causes internal organ damage or failure.
Finally, doctors can prescribe the proper medication for the highest response to each patient.

Why are Prescription Medications so Necessary?

Medication must be the first form of treatment for drug addiction. Specific medicines remove poisons from the body and control cravings. Natural methods are not as efficient as prescriptions. It is safer to trust a professional who can examine the patient and understand the damage. Call us today if you need assistance with treatment care at home. We will work with you to make sure you get the proper care that you need.

Addiction Treatment at Home

Getting off drugs all alone is dangerous. Solo detoxification is not safe. Therefore, withdrawal symptoms need monitoring for the patient’s safety. Similarly, symptoms such as anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, cravings, and physical pains are all overwhelming without the professionals’.

Research shows that attempting to recover alone at home causes an extreme likelihood of relapse. A patient should not remain in an environment where drugs were common. The setting itself may become a trigger. Preventing relapses are healthy limits set inside rehab centers. Additionally, detox is not the same as drug addiction treatment. Proper treatment is only available with properly licensed practitioners.

 Therapy and Rehab Drug Treatment

Centers for rehab are explicitly equipped for patients to recover from addictions. Counselors, therapies, and programs are all under one roof. Likewise, each center has staff members trained to assist patients in their recovery.

There are different therapies provided for each patient. Treatments like cognitive-behavioral therapy and contingency management provide in-house for most rehab centers.
Call us today if you have decided that you are ready to be checked into a rehab facility. We will help you find the right treatment options for your situation. Do not wait. Call us and get help today.

Contingency Management

Contingency management is a small reward for patients that follow the rules. Incentives like these are a gentle way to reinforce boundaries and promote healthy habits.
Some drugs can permanently damage the reward center of the brain. These small rewards are positive support to re-teach the mind to understand accomplishments.

Family therapy

Family therapies are offered services and are especially important for young patients. There is a negotiator present during family therapy to help the patients and family members talk and understand their condition.

Therapies that invite family members into the patient’s treatment can be complicated for those who do not have secure family connections.

These meetings may reveal vulnerabilities that are uncomfortable or embarrassing. It can be challenging for patients to express how they feel, so the mediator helps the patient be healthy and speak their truth.

12-Step Programs

Twelve-step programs are not treatment, but therapeutic support systems that take slow steps to meet new goals. Programs such as these are great for getting off drugs altogether. These programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, strengthen a patient’s journey of acceptance and proactive involvement in addiction treatment and recovery.

Weekly or daily meetings are structured based on the needs of the patient and meeting program goals. If you would like more information on the programs that are available to you, then call us today. Our professionals will work with you to get you the help that you need.

Meet All of the Patient’s Needs

Facility-based treatments have in-patient support available. Official rehab includes the patient’s entire new life, including supporting employment and relationships. Legal representation assists in future self-sufficiency.
Legal counsel is useful if the patient is facing eviction, criminal charges, or child custody battles. These attorneys or counsels may make a difference in recovering independence after getting clean.

Multiple Attempts to Quit

The process of quitting drugs is complicated. Treating drug addiction alone can cause multiple relapses.

Withdrawal symptoms are unruly—however, each attempt at quitting increases the likelihood of success. Multiple attempts prove that the patient truly wants to be healthy. But needs added structure and support to succeed. Have you tried to quit your addiction? Do you need some help? Call us today, and our specialists will work with you to find the best treatment option for you. Please do not wait until it is too late. Call us today and get help soon. 

Pre-Existing Conditions

Treatment becomes more in-depth when the patient has pre-existing conditions. Physical conditions such as heart disease or family history of respiratory problems may require specific medication to treat drug addiction. However, pre-existing mental conditions require equal caution. Patients who have anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, or other mental disorders are at a higher risk of relapse. In these cases, natural methods given at home will not be enough.

Effectiveness of Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

How effective is drug rehab? The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) led a study in 2014 regarding the effectiveness of substance abuse treatment. In this study, 22 and a half million people needed treatment for substance or alcohol use. In the same year, only a little over 4 million received treatment. Additionally, only two and a half million people attended rehab centers to receive treatment.

In any good treatment facility, there are universal principles that remain constant. Overall, the main goal is getting off drugs for good. Call us today for more information about substance abuse treatment programs available to you.

Addiction is Treatable

Addiction is a treatable mental disorder, and quitting drugs is possible. Treatment facilities who claim otherwise will not hold the understanding or sympathy necessary for proper treatment.
This disease can alter brain function by manipulating neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are the messages sent from the brain, such as fight or flight. Also, these manipulations can cause abnormal and unhealthy behaviors.

There is No ‘One Size Fits All’

There are no uniform treatments for all patients. Drug addiction treatment is customized and specific to each patient. There are common associations in drug-related reactions, but each patient has different experiences.

Emotions, triggers, and reasons for use vary from patient to patient and must receive individual treatment. Furthermore, one size fits all treatment for patients is dangerous and unpredictable.

If a patient does not feel that individualized treatment or attention will happen at a particular facility, we urge them to continue searching.

Everyone deserves treatment with dignity and respect. We recognize this. Because of this recognition, we will work with you and your needs as you see fit. We will make sure that you get the treatment best suited for your needs. Call today and start your better life now.

Quick Access to Treatment

Patients should not accept placement on a waitlist for treatment. Qualified rehab centers are aware of how difficult the struggle is to wait for medicine. Further, if they hear they will have to wait, it is not the place for them.
Treatment for drug addiction is essential to find as quickly as possible. Patients should not wait any longer than necessary to begin recovering.

More Than Just Drug Use

Patients recovering from drug addiction deserve more than bare-minimum care. Effective treatments focus on the entire person, not just their drug use. Adjustment periods, emotional acceptance and education, and after-care are all crucial elements to a full recovery.

Moreover, patients should receive treatment for more than just physical damage to their bodies from substance use disorder. However, call us today if you are ready to talk about, and receive, treatment.

Is Early Release Possible

As difficult as rehabilitation can be, it is imperative to stick it out entirely. Patients who leave treatment early are at an increased risk of relapse.

If the treatment facility offers an early-release Claus outside of an extreme emergency, patients should look elsewhere for treatment.

Drug addiction causes rash decision-making, which is often unhealthy. Patients can fool doctors into believing they no longer need help to be released early. Effective treatment practices do not offer early release and insist on the completion of programs.

Behavioral Therapies

Counseling and behavioral therapies are standard and expected forms of treatment. These therapies are complementary alongside medication to effective treatment.

Therapies are for the full perspective of the patient’s needs. Transitioning into a new, healthy life requires processing and communication that treatment provides.

Treatment Plans are Subject to Change

The patient requires comprehensive treatment plans. Moreover, patients’ progress should be monitored daily, weekly, and monthly to adjust treatment methods as necessary.

Doctors who meet the needs of their patients have successful patient results and recovery. The needs of people can change for any number of reasons, and treatment should be adjusted accordingly.

Adjusting to patient needs is the definition of a support system, and all patients deserve top tier support from their doctors. Talk to our specialist’s and they will guarantee that you will get the treatment that you absolutely need to get healthy.

Support Includes Asking Questions

Throughout the patient’s experience in a rehab facility, doctors, counselors, and specialists should be asking questions about other mental health concerns or histories. Medical professionals who work with addiction recovery is aware that drug use can alter brain function and emotional rationalizations.

Prior mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression, are crucial factors when administering medications and treatment approaches. Responsible practitioners will be thorough in their medical examinations to extend beyond physical disturbances.

Furthermore, doctors should test patients for infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C.

In addition to testing patients, doctors should take steps further to educate each patient on the ways to prevent, avoid, and protect themselves from infectious diseases.

Detox is Only the First Step

Removing harmful toxins from the patient’s body is not the end of treatment. Full-scale rehabilitation centers understand that detoxification is to create a clean canvas to introduce healthy habits.

Detoxing alone is not enough to recover from drug addiction. It does not provide accountability for any other cause of the substance use disorder that evolved into drug addiction. Call us today to get more information about detox. Our experts can help you or someone you care about to get the help that is needed today.

How Effective is Drug Rehab vs at Home Treatment?

Many people ask themselves: “How effective is drug rehab?” Although the processes of treating drug addiction are far too complex to manage at home, the answer is simple. There are examinations, testing, counseling, medications, and therapies that are impossible to self-treat at home. Overall, these tools help ensure drug rehab is effective and worth it.

Patients can receive complete care inside a rehabilitation center, with access to resources and support 24/7. Treatment for drug addiction at home has a high likelihood of failure and relapse. Relapses and temptations are avoidable by checking into our treatment facility. Contact our facility today, and you can be on the path to a sober life tomorrow.


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