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60-Day Treatment Program

Why Choose A 60-Day Treatment Program

A 60-day treatment program is perfect for individuals who need a little more time in recovery. The shorter 30-day program might be a little too short for some individuals. If that is the case but a 90-day program seems too long, the 60-day treatment program is perfect. The 60-day treatment program is similar to the 30-day treatment program, except that there is more recovery and aftercare preparation time.

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60-Day Recovery Time Guide

This can be useful for those suffering from mild and slightly more severe addiction issues. If an individual feels they need more time to get sober or gain the tools to stay sober, this is a great option for them. Sixty days is the perfect amount of time to go to treatment without it being as long as a 90-day commitment. It is important that each individual does what works best for them. Some patients may benefit more from a longer stay while others need a shorter program. Either way, treatment can always be extended.

60-Day Recovery Goals

Individuals in a 60-day program have the same treatment options available to them. Programs usually offer a range of therapy and tools during treatment. Group and individual therapy take place in order for patients to recognize the behavior that led them to substance addiction in the first place. Group therapy is offered as a place of support. A patient can choose to live at the center or come to the center daily for treatment. This depends on the needs of the patient. Some individuals prefer 24/7 care and support while they are in treatment. They need supervision in order to be able to stay sober. However, some individuals have other life commitments and need to be able to go home at the end of the day. Whichever you prefer there is an option that will work for you and your recovery goals. 

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Effectiveness of a 60-Day Treatment Plan

There are many benefits to a 60-day treatment program. So why choose this length of a treatment plan? In a 60-day treatment program patients have more time to focus on what comes after rehab and the reality of how life will be. In a 30-day program, all the focus is on recovery. However, there is not a lot of focus on what comes after recovery. There isn’t a lot of time to spend on what life will be like following recovery or transitioning into a patient’s new life. In a 60-day program, patients are able to make a smoother transition back into day to day life. More time is given to aftercare and the patient’s new future. Another benefit of a 60-day program is that it is less time-consuming. The program isn’t as long of a commitment as a 90-day program. That can be too long of a time for some patients to handle. Hence, sometimes a 60-day program is the perfect amount. It is just long enough, but not too long. This makes it easier for individuals to commit to the length of the treatment. If finances are an issue a 60-day program is a good choice. This is the most affordable long-term rehab program available.

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What Happens In A 60-Day Program

So what happens during a 60-Day treatment program? Firstly, who is this program best for? For a 60-day program, it is best if an individual is suffering from more mild addiction issues. It is also best for people who have more limited time and limited finances. A 60-day treatment program can be offered as an inpatient or outpatient treatment. Residential inpatient treatment is when a patient lives at the facility. Patients get care any time it is needed. Staff is always present and patients are supervised the entire time. This is a great option for those that need more supervision. If they feel tempted to abuse substances or not follow through with rehab, residential care may be best for them. It is also good for individuals who want to get away from their usual environment. Outpatient care is where the individual comes to the facility each day and then goes back home. This is best for individuals with prior commitments such as children or work. It is also good for those who are concerned about finances and would prefer to keep the cost of treatment down. Those that have a strong support system also do well with outpatient treatment. Either way, a treatment center is a place where those recovering from addiction can find safety and support as they get clean.

60-Day Support

During a 60-day treatment program, intensive care is provided. The entire focus is on recovery and getting patients to a better place. The treatment takes place in a non-hospital setting. It is a community with other patients and the focus is on therapy treatment. The therapy offered ranges. Patients are evaluated on an individual basis. No two patients are alike, every individual has their own history with addiction and their own issues that got them there. Many treatment centers offer detox services prior to the patient receiving treatment. This is perfect for individuals who need to become fully clean before starting treatment. It is best to be in the care of medical professionals for a detox. Some symptoms may be severe. The support and specialties of medical professionals are needed. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is offered as well as 12-step facilitation, among other therapies. It is important that patients begin to understand why they abuse substances. Only then can they gain the tools to stay sober for good. Residential inpatient treatment is seven days a week while outpatient care is three days a week. Following treatment patients usually go into aftercare. This usually involves some type of less intense group or individual therapy. This is extremely beneficial for those who have completed recovery. It gives them a place to go to for support following treatment. Sometimes it can be hard to get the proper support from family and loved ones. It is important to talk with an advisor about you or a loved one’s addiction in order to get a better idea of what type of program would be most beneficial.

Find the Right Addiction Treatment

Deciding on an addiction program can be a daunting task. Always look into treatment programs carefully before deciding on a treatment center and its program. There are a few important things to consider. Firstly, what type of treatments does the center offer? A good treatment center will offer a variety of different therapies. This is a very important factor in treatment. Without this, it can be difficult to remain sober in treatment and after treatment. A good center will offer evidence-based treatment options. Things that have been proven to be effective when fighting addiction. Secondly, it is important to focus on the staff. Are there medical professionals? Licensed therapists? It is important that the staff is professional and has the right certifications to treat substance addiction. Lastly, a center that has an aftercare program is key. Support is needed even after treatment is done. Group and individual counseling is a great support outlet following treatment. 

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